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TCM launches first crypto fund on ADDX

Private market exchange ADDX has launched its first cryptocurrency product, with the listing of a digital asset fund by investment manager Trovio Capital Management (TCM). The fund aims to provide accredited investors with a reliable option for crypto investing and

Veteran hedge fund manager converts flagship fund to mutual fund

Abraham Trading Company (ATC), a hedge fund manager with a 33-year investment track record, has launched its first mutual fund today. The firm converted its private hedge fund, the Abraham Fortress Fund LP, into an SEC-registered mutual fund as of

Gadze Finance launches USD25 million defi crypto fund

Gadze Finance has launched a DeFi focused crypto fund with an initial USD25 million under management, growing to USD100 million over the coming six months. The new fintech startup launched by Mike Silagadze and Andrew McGrath aims to democratize access


14 November, 2024 – 5:00 pm

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