Global Outlook 2024 Report


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Prime services for a digital world

The hard-won, if only tacit recognition of crypto as an asset class, is rippling across the financial industry. Crypto’s new status brings with it the requirement for trading, clearing, settlement and custody of digital assets, and nowhere is this need

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CTAs now set for their best year since 2014

CTAs and trend-following hedge funds remain on track for their best annual performance since 2014’s landmark performance, with managers continuing profit from continued trends across bonds, equities, indices and commodities markets in the run-up to year-end. Société Générale’s main CTA

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CTAs on track to finish October with a flourish

CTAs and trend-following hedge funds have strengthened their returns as October draws to a close, with recent gains pushing the sub-sector’s year-to-date returns further into double-digit territory.


06 June, 2024 – 5:00 pm

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