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CreativeCap Advisors expands Global Emerging Manager Incubator Program Offering

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CreativeCap Advisors, a global asset management consulting firm, is expanding its business with the planned addition of dedicated operational and financial experts to work in advising the emerging managers accepted into the Global Incubator program.

As institutional investors continue to target and allocate to emerging managers on a global scale, the Global Emerging Manager Incubator program will continue to work with select managers in giving them the requisite training ahead of meeting with institutions.
“This has always been a natural next step for us. By adding dedicated operational and financial experts, we make our Incubatees more competitive and attractive to the current institutional investors within our network and those investors looking to be added into it. Investors want funds with attractive performance, strong business operations and brilliant teams. This is why our program continues to attract investors to it especially as the appetite and trend towards emerging managers grows. Our mission continues to be to incubate and accelerate the best-in-class emerging managers from around the world and connect them to qualified institutions,” says Tyra S Jeffries (pictured), Founder and Chief Executive Officer.
The newly dedicated specialists will have experience designed to boost and support the expanding business needs of emerging managers in the firm’s Global Incubator Program. The experts selected will be onboarded ahead of the incoming Spring 2019 class and will be an added feature to the program. The Global Incubator Program aims to develop the next generation of emerging fund managers across hedge funds, private equity and venture capital firms from around the world and further capture the growing trend of investor interest around sourcing high-quality emerging fund managers.
“Through our ongoing discussions with investors that allocate to emerging managers, we made the strategic decision to raise the program fees in order to include this new offering because a fund manager’s operations serves as one of the greatest impediments to capital allocation. Strong business operations are one of the most crucial elements for attracting institutional capital, funds who consider this secondary will find it nearly impossible to garner interest and as a result allocations from institutions. Emerging managers need ongoing intensive training and education within this area in order to be successful and attract quality long-term investors,” says Jeffries.
The company will raise the program fees to USD3,000 per month or currency equivalent. However, the legacy pricing – USD1,500 or currency equivalent – will remain available to those who apply before Friday 31 March 2019. The current incubatees and those applicants that have already submitted their applications beforehand and are accepted will be grandfathered in at the current legacy pricing. There are no equity stakes nor commissions from allocations taken by CreativeCap Advisors from the fund managers in the program.
The selective program continues to target and work with best-in-class emerging managers who are seeking to build and create disruptive and innovative businesses. The program has received applicants from all over the world including, but not limited to, major cities such as: New York City, San Francisco, London, Geneva and Sydney. 
The fund managers are selected based upon several criteria with the core focus being around the quality of their strategy and the team’s ability to build a sustainable business, which includes assessing their operations and financial management. The deadline to apply is 1 May 2019 with priority given to applications received by 15 April.
“We want to give every manager in our program the best opportunity to develop and flourish. We know that capital introduction alone will not cut it, they need to learn and further conceptualise what it takes to build a strong and lasting business in today’s environment and that comes with considerable operational and financial considerations that can make or break their success. As we continue our ongoing discussions with seed investors and as other early-stage investors look to access our managers, operations continues to be the greatest concern aside from performance. We want to continue helping our Incubatees to be the best option for investors,” says Jeffries.

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