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Crowdnetic: Bringing crowdfunding and marketplace lending data analytics to your fingertips

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“If you are a hedge fund and you’ve got USD50-100 million in “peer-to-peer” loans, you may well find the analysis and monitoring of those loans takes up a significant portion of your firm’s resources. What Lendvious does is minimise the amount of human input and, thereby, minimise cost and errors,” explains Adam Braggs (pictured), Managing Director (Europe) of Crowdnetic.

Crowdnetic is an innovative platform that is able to aggregate data from two fast-growing areas of the marketplace: crowdfunded equities and marketplace lending (or peer-to-peer lending). This is proving to be a highly effective analysis tool for institutional investors as they start to allocate more capital to these new asset classes. On the lending side, the solution is called Lendvious, whilst on the crowdfunded equities side is called CrowdWatch US and CrowdWatch UK.

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