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Crypto Broker launches 24/7 limit orders on Crypto Asset Trader

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Crypto Broker has launched limit order functionality on its Crypto Asset Trader (CAT) to manage risk in the face of rising Coronavirus-related volatility across both crypto and traditional markets. Crypto Broker frees institutional and professional investors from constant monitoring of live prices with multiple exchanges and brokers around the globe, so they can focus on their core capabilities. As the first professional crypto broker in Europe to offer this functionality 24/7, Crypto Broker is one of a very few worldwide that enable highly secure crypto trading with best-price execution, a growing range of trading pairs, and professional liquidity. Limit orders are one more addition to Crypto Broker’s market-leading infrastructure.

Crypto Broker’s limit order capability is an additional step in closing the gap between the global financial world and the emerging digital asset markets. In simplifying online order placement 24/7 for crypto assets, clients are freed from constant monitoring of live prices across multiple exchanges and brokers worldwide so they can focus on their core capabilities. This is now possible for 10 tradable crypto asset pairs, and further trading pairs will follow this year. Limit orders have always been possible when clients contact the Crypto Broker trading team. Now, the function is conveniently available 24/7 in the Crypto Asset Trader (CAT). Crypto Broker also launched this functionality immediately over API and the FIX Protocol, which their institutional clients use and offer in their systems. 

Markets moving at the pace of crypto: Crypto Broker AG lets you keep up with automated, secure, professional 24/7 crypto asset trading
Crypto Broker AG gives you professional crypto asset trading access and liquidity across the worlds’ leading crypto exchanges, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. For investors active both in crypto and established financial markets, Crypto Broker makes professional, secure, continuous crypto market access a reality. By adding advanced order types with their characteristic Swiss quality of execution, Crypto Broker enables clients to set risk limits, with best-price execution and professional post-trade settlement and storage, so they can focus on their core expertise, be it in portfolio or fund management or research. 

Group CEO and Founder, Jan Brzezek, says: “With limit orders added to our secure, 24/7 trading and storage capabilities, Crypto Broker AG makes it easy for our banking and fund clients to manage large crypto asset portfolios.”
Crypto Broker’s Head of Trading, Simon Tobler, says: “In expanding our offering to include limit orders with the same professional rigour found in traditional financial markets, our clients can comfortably manage trades around the clock. Crypto Broker will continue to set new standards in automated trading infrastructure as a first-mover in digital asset markets.”

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