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Deutsche Börse promotes price model for Xetra International Market

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Deutsche Börse is promoting a price model for its pan-European trading segment Xetra International Market which aims to offer an incentive to supply liquidity.

Xetra participants that place orders and achieve a certain percentage of the trading volume in their role as liquidity providers will receive payment of 0.36 basis points (equivalent to 0.0036 per cent) on the volume executed.

For all other orders executed, transaction fees amounting to 0.12 basis points will be incurred. 0.06 basis points will be payable for clearing positions.

Deutsche Börse says that of all the trading venues in Europe, Xetra International Market offers the lowest prices for the supply and demand of liquidity. Furthermore, XIM is the only trading platform in Europe offering purely value-based pricing for trading and clearing, as there are no minimum fees.

Transactions executed on Xetra International Market will be offset via Eurex Clearing, Europe’s largest central counterparty.

“The top market quality, the price model aimed at competition and the low set-up costs for Xetra participants will provide an excellent springboard for XIM in pan-European blue-chip trading. As hardly any additional costs will be incurred when operating the system, the new trading segment will enable Deutsche Börse to achieve economies of scale on Xetra and in its clearing house. Thus, we are expecting a sustainable business model for Xetra International Market”, says Frank Gerstenschläger, member of the executive board of Deutsche Börse and responsible for the cash market.

Xetra International Market will be launched in several stages. Trading and clearing participants, as well as vendors, have been in the simulation phase for the new segment since the beginning of September. In line with the starting phase the new segment will be up and running as of November, when the entire process chain, right up to settlement in the respective domestic market, will be available. Until mid January 2010 each of the European markets (France, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Finland) will successively be activated.

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