Digital Assets Report

Digital Asset Report 2023 cover

Digital Assets Report 2023

Digital Assets Report 2023

This report delves into the multi-faceted world of digital assets, discussing crypto prime brokerage, operational efficiency, custody and the use of swaps to access these markets. The articles provide a comprehensive overview of the digital assets market and the challenges and opportunities it presents.

The 'Digital Assets Report 2023' special report comprises zero separate articles listed below, these can be read individually or as a sequence.

The digital assets market has experienced significant growth, supported by the rising participation of hedge fund managers and institutional investors looking to capitalise on the returns this new asset class has to offer.
In the context of growing demand for digital assets, hedge funds operating in the space need to make a choice critical to the growth of their business – do they build their digital infrastructure or buy in the capabilities from a third party?
The rapid growth of digital assets has created unique challenges and opportunities as the industry balances the needs of an innovative, ambitious sector with the checks and balances needed to ensure the security and safekeeping of assets.
Hedge funds that want to be active in the crypto space are immediately faced with the difficulty of how to execute on their trading strategies. Other asset classes, like equities or commodities, don’t present this problem in such a heightened way because those markets have well-defined, regulatory-compliant ways to act on trade ideas.

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