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EEX Exchange Council confirms PXE product migration

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The Exchange Council of the European Energy Exchange (EEX) has discussed the extension of EEX’s power derivatives product range with contracts currently listed on Power Exchange Central Europe (PXE).

At a meeting chaired by Michael Redanz, managing director of EWE Trading, the Exchange Council also approved the re-appointment of Steffen Köhler (pictured) and Tobias Paulun to the exchange management board of EEX, in addition to confirming new appointments to the sanction committee of EEX.
The focus of the meeting was the cooperation with PXE and the migration of the PXE product range of power derivatives to the EEX platform and under the EEX rulebook.
Currently, PXE offers cash-settled power futures for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Poland. The contracts are available with monthly, quarterly and yearly expiries.
The Exchange Council confirmed that these contracts will also be made available to EEX trading participants from summer 2017, by listing the PXE products on the EEX T7 trading system. In addition, physically-settled power futures for Slovakia shall be listed for trade registration.
The transfer of PXE products to the EEX T7 platform opens up new trading opportunities for both current PXE and EEX members. EEX members will receive straightforward access to the products which are currently listed at PXE while PXE members will receive trading access to the current EEX product suite. Furthermore it has the potential to open up Central and Eastern European products to traders currently not active in this region.
EEX’s offering for the Spanish, French and Italian market comprises exchange trading and trade registration services for the whole derivatives curve, from daily up to yearly maturities. In addition, the exchange offers location spread trading between Spain and France as well as Italy and France. Furthermore, EEX trading participants can trade options on the baseload futures (month, quarter, year) for the three market areas.

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