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Eze Castle Integration – Best North American Cloud Services Provider

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Supporting more than 400 investment management firms and thousands of global users on its cloud platform, it’s easy to recognise the impact that Eze Castle Integration’s cloud solutions have made in recent years.

“Our Eze Cloud Solutions, which encompass private, public and hybrid cloud delivery models, continue to experience strong market demand across the hedge fund and alternative investment industry,” confirms Mary Beth Hamilton, Vice President of Marketing. “In years past, private cloud was the only option for security minded firms, but today we can take the best of each cloud model to deliver a secure IT solution tailored to a firm’s needs.”

The Eze Cloud is supported by robust and redundant security layers, including next-generation firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention capabilities. Eze also has a team that constantly monitors the cloud 24/7 to ensure the infrastructure is protected at all times; this is especially important in today’s climate of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. 

“Additionally, we’ve incorporated a number of in-demand security features to protect and support the end user. We utilise a tool called Duo for multi-factor authentication that is delivered to a client’s mobile device to log securely into the cloud. We also provide secure file sharing capabilities using an enterprise-grade tool, which is just as convenient as a tool like Dropbox, but provides more security and control of files,” explains Hamilton.

Hamilton believes Eze Castle Integration’s global reach, solution breadth and outstanding client service set it apart in the industry; one that is becoming increasingly more competitive and complex as hedge funds look to optimise the way they combine private and public cloud offerings to best suit their businesses.

Eze Castle Integration’s approach to hybrid cloud solutions centres on taking the best cloud technology elements across the industry and packaging them into a solution that answers the unique needs of its clients. 

“This blending of cloud technologies to create right fit solutions is the future for managed cloud packages,” comments Hamilton, who notes that finding the right solution is challenging because firms are faced with more technology and feature set options than ever before. And beyond selecting a solution, firms must ensure everything works together and users have a positive experience. 

“This is where Eze Castle Integration shines,” she says. “Our cloud solutions encompass best-of-breed solutions from top tier providers to deliver a flexible, secure, feature-rich and user friendly experience for the modern world.”

One of the most important impacts that cloud technology has had on the hedge funds industry is that it affords start-up and emerging managers a superior IT environment in which to run their funds, at an affordable cost point. In doing so, they can boast a similar level of sophistication to the largest hedge funds; something that was inconceivable a decade ago.

“Emerging managers typically follow a cloud-first strategy to technology selection. These managers understand that cloud services will give them access to institutional-quality technology and predictable capital expenditure,” says Hamilton, who, on winning this year’s award, concludes: “Receiving the Hedgeweek award is fantastic recognition that our teams’ hard work does not go unnoticed by clients and the industry as a whole. We look forward to continuing to innovate in the cloud technology space and take client service expectations to event higher levels.” n

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