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Hang Seng Indexes launches Hang Seng SCHK New Economy Index

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Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited (Hang Seng Indexes) has launched the Hang Seng SCHK New Economy Index, which aims to reflect the performance of companies available for southbound trading under the Stock Connect scheme that operate in ‘New Economy’ industries.

The new index provides a reference benchmark for investors who are interested in companies focusing on services and innovative technology. The universe of the new index covers securities from 29 sub-sectors, including Automobiles, Telecommunication Services and Pharmaceuticals. In addition, companies in the Consumer Goods, Consumer Services and Financials industries that mainly conduct their business using an online platform are also eligible for inclusion. Hang Seng Indexes will review the sector requirements on an annual basis to keep the index in line with the evolving concept of New Economy.
Hang Seng Indexes strives to compile indexes that meet the changing needs of investors.
Vincent Kwan, Director & General Manager of Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited, says: “With the fast-paced development of the New Economy sector, awareness and interest in this investment concept is rapidly rising among investors. The Hang Seng SCHK New Economy Index is our response to the growing demand for a comprehensive and dynamic index that tracks the performance of companies in the Hong Kong market that operate in this sector.”
The new index is calculated and disseminated real-time at two-second intervals. 

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