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Hedge funds target rough diamonds as an investment, says IDX

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Los Angeles-based Investment Diamond Exchange (IDX) has expanded its workforce to cater for an increasing number of hedge funds and other financial institutions acquiring rough diamonds for investment purposes.

“The favourable supply and demand fundamentals for rough diamonds along with some structural changes that have increased the transparency and efficiency of the diamond industry are a few of the primary reasons why the investment community has embraced rough diamonds as an investment,” says Kristopher Schellhas, managing partner at IDX.
According to Bain & Co, rough diamond prices have increased at a compounded annual rate of 13 per cent since 2009, and prices are poised to continue their upward trajectory as a result of steadily increasing demand from emerging economies and a long term supply shortage.
“Investors must proceed with caution and utilise the services of an industry professional before proceeding forward with an investment of this nature,” says Chris Duffield, managing partner at IDX. “Navigating the rough diamond market is incredibly difficult for anyone new to this industry. Successfully executing a rough diamond transaction requires an in-depth understanding of the product and procedures as well as strong relationships throughout the diamond value chain.”

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