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HW EU Awards Winners in Focus Report 2022

Hedgeweek European Awards: Winners in Focus 2022

Hedgeweek European Awards: Winners in Focus 2022

Market volatility and geopolitical uncertainty look set to persist. As hedge fund managers hunt for opportunity in this environment, the tumult may well provide them with the chance to prove their mettle. But despite the challenges, the hedge funds and service providers showcased in this report rose above the noise to successfully win this year’s Hedgeweek European Awards.

The 'Hedgeweek European Awards: Winners in Focus 2022' special report comprises zero separate articles listed below, these can be read individually or as a sequence.

Umberto Borghesi, Strategist, Albemarle Asset Management A difficult market environment gives those managers able to differentiate themselves from an alpha perspective the opportunity to thrive. This also plays into the growing investor demand for high quality boutique managers, offering targeted strategies.
James Alexander, Executive Director Although the move to digital platforms may have seemed daunting, especially for firms which historically relied on in-person meetings, the shift has proved positive in several instances and encouraged engagement and communication in ways which otherwise may not have been possible.
The coming years will set the scene for technology advancements and geographic growth as clients call for an innovative and competitive alternative to incumbent providers in the prime brokerage space. Given the current volatility and additional scrutiny, reliable providers are critical to managers’ survival, particularly in the context of increasing consolidation.
Demand for aggregating financial information and internal research in one central location has been growing. As hedge fund analysts look to manage information overload and several disparate manual research processes, an overlay of AI-processing power and content can cut research time to a fraction of what it previously was and help elicit more relevant insights.

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