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Helping hedge funds build best workflow practices

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New York-based Imagineer Technology Group offers award-winning solutions to help hedge fund managers address the transparency and workflow demands necessary to stand out and succeed in today's marketplace. 

These solutions, which include an industry specific client relationship management (CRM) software, a web reporting portal and a fund research and due diligence platform, have been designed to help managers build workflow efficiency and communicate more effectively with investors and prospects. 

Imagineer is probably best known for its flagship CRM platform, Clienteer. 

"Although Clienteer is often categorised as a CRM tool, it goes far beyond that," explains Erol Dusi, founder and president of Imagineer. "There's a great deal of functionality to assist with the specific business workflows required by an asset manager. Whether its business development/marketing, investor relations, transaction processing, compliance tracking and reporting, or group document distributions – our clients appreciate the breadth and depth of our offerings to help them manage their day-to-day business."

"Clienteer is used by a firm's Investor Relations team as the primary hub for all of the information that asset managers increasingly have to track on their investors and prospects as well as seamlessly pulling in account and transactional data from the fund's administrator. Having this data centralised and well organised helps our clients easily deal with informational flows required by their "know your customer" (KYC) policies or their compliance reporting like ERISA levels, FATCA, or Form PF," says Dusi.

Another key solution Imagineer offers is a web portal called WebVision that handles all aspects of online reporting at both fund and investor levels from within a manager's own corporate website, maintaining the firm's branding throughout the site. WebVision can be implemented either stand-alone or in-line with Clienteer for an end-to-end solution. "Our clients can easily leverage a single data source from Clienteer to manage their online content and access control to that content, eliminating many unnecessary steps in the process," says Dusi.

As a communication channel, WebVision not only addresses the transparency demands on managers by providing investors and prospects easy access to fund information, it also allows managers to gain insight on them in the process. "Since our clients can granularly track all website activity, the platform enables them to know more about their investors and prospects' interests on an ongoing basis," adds Dusi. 

Such tools improve the workflow automation process for most hedge funds. Moreover, what Imagineer and other technology specialists are doing is helping managers migrate away from having to rely on multiple systems or to support complex IT architectures. 

To illustrate, Clienteer for example, can calculate all of the performance statistics and benchmark comparisons required to generate custom branded fund factsheets. This alone could help the manager save thousands of dollars by not having to buy a separate performance analytics system. 

"This is certainly another advantage that solutions like Clienteer and WebVision can provide as a way for managers to save time and money by reducing the number of systems in their operational infrastructure," explains Dusi.

"The platforms we offer help firms establish their workflow best practices which can scale with the firm as they grow. For fund managers, being able to do more for less capital outlay is a clear benefit, and that's exactly what our technology is designed to do – deal with the burden of regulatory and reporting requirements that are getting more onerous all the time." 

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