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Huobi Futures reveals over 2.6 trillion cumulative trading volumes on second anniversary

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Since launching on 10 December, 2018, Huobi Futures become one of the leading one-stop derivatives service platforms in the world, with cumulative trading volume exceeding USD2.6 trillion.Over the past two years, Huobi Futures has expanded its product offerings through various product lines (eg USDT-margined Swaps, Coin-margined swaps and futures, options) and it has been working diligently to provide users with one-stop, full-service, ample derivative product options.

Among the various product lines of Huobi Futures, USDT-margined Swaps is growing strongly, accounting for 22.7 per cent of the trading volume of all units as of December 3. Along with the new function cross margin mode, which will be available on WEB, APP and API this week, we believe the percentage of USDT perpetual swaps will further expand.

Coin-margined futures trading was also launched in December 2018. Its trading volume has ranked first in the derivative market only eight months after launching. At present, Huobi’s coin-margined futures trading has included 13 major crypto assets, with a unilateral turnover of USD1,907.8 billion since its launch.

The total trading volume of OKEx in Q3 on coin-margined futures trading was USD197.9 billion. On the other hand, the Q3 unilateral trading volume of the Huobi coin-margined futures trading was USD268 billion, 135.34 per cent more than OKEx, and with an average daily trading volume reaching USD2.9 billion.

Entering Q4, the trading volumes of Huobi’s coin-margined futures trading were USD66.2 billion and USD124 billion in October and November, at which points Huobi remained a significant lead over OKEx.

The total unilateral trading volume of Huobi coin-margined futures in Q3 was USD267.9 billion, with an average daily trading volume of USD2.9 billion.

In the first half of 2020, Huobi’s BTC weekly trading volume has reached USD27.5 billion.

In the first six months of 2020, speaking of ETH trading volume, Huobi surpassed OKEx, showing USD120.2 billion versus USD49.3 billion on OKEx.

Forty five  days after the launch on 27 March, Huobi’s coin-margined swaps trading volume has surpassed BitMEx, and it remains to be the No1 Coin-margined Swaps market in the world. As of November, the cumulative trading volume of coin-margined swaps has reached USD640.2 billion.

Trading volume of Huobi USDT margined perpetual swaps is growing rapidly with a cumulative total of over USD60.5 billion as of December 4th, 2020.

Although the market has been in a state of contraction and volatility recently, as of December 4, the average daily trading volume at Huobi for the last seven days has reached USD3.2 billion.

According to TokenInsight Q3 Derivatives Report, in the derivatives market, the two main trading markets BTC and ETH have accounted for 81 per cent of the total market volume. Since the launch of USDT margined swaps, ETH and BTC market have grown rapidly, accounting for about 82 per cent of the total trading volume.

As of 16:00 UTC + 8 on 3 December, ETH trading volume at Huobi is USD408 million, doubling the trading volume of OKEX, which is 177 million.

In September this year, Huobi launched USDT-quoted options whereby users could trade without worrying about the risk of liquidation. The product provides extremely low face value (0.001 BTC for a BTC options trading and 0.01 ETH for a ETH trading), therefore options buyers could earn unlimited profits with a very low cost.

The fact that Huobi Futures has achieved this success in just two years is largely due to its continuous efforts to launch innovative products that continuously enhance the user experience while ensuring that users can trade securely, consistently, and at a low cost.

This has a profound impact on two aspects for users. Since Huobi Futures started the operation in 2018, it has been able to provide users with a safe, stable and low-cost trading experience.

It has been the only platform that holds zero claw-back since its launch and has been well received by many users.

Huobi Futures also offers an extremely low rate scheme, which minimizes users’ transaction costs. Its policy of offering VIP+1 rate to any client from other exchanges have made the trading rate highly competitive among competitors.

The deposit to become a VIP campaign has also lower the threshold for users who would like to enjoy the VIP fee rate at Huobi Futures. As long as you convert over USD30,000 worth of asset in your Huobi account. The client is eligible to apply for a VIP at Huobi and enjoy a maker fee rebate.

Huobi Futures has designed its risk management mechanism highly friendly to its users. It has built a very competitive moat in terms of liquidity and depth, system performance, and product technology. And these are the core features that made Huobi Futures competitive and enabled Huobi to become the world’s best in trading volumes of coin-margined trading and coin-margined swaps.

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