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Jeff Sica launches alt investments firm for RIAs

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Jeff Sica has launched Circle Squared Alternative Investments, a firm dedicated to providing financial advisors with access to alternative investments previously available only to institutions and ultra-high net-worth investors.

Sica’s approach to simplifying alternative market investing – investments that “touch the real economy” – is intended to give advisors and their clients greater confidence in their financial future.
In addition to offering access to alternative investments, Sica and his team will serve as coaches and mentors to advisors, helping them to better understand and communicate to their clients the role and advantages of alternative investments in a portfolio. Much of the education will be conducted via a proprietary web community which Circle Squared plans to launch in the coming weeks.
“Circle Squared was founded on years of experience in identifying, sourcing and structuring alternative investment opportunities as a wealth advisor,” says Sica, the company’s founder and chief investment officer. “Advisors who are either apprehensive or unfamiliar with alternative investments tend not to recommend them, eliminating entire asset classes of crucial alpha-generating investments from client portfolios.
“Add to this the inescapable conclusion that investors are growing increasingly dissatisfied with the stagnant performance and unacceptable volatility they’re getting from traditional investments like stocks and bonds, and you have a situation in which advisors have fewer and fewer ways to provide value to their clients.”
Circle Squared will offer a suite of products spanning various alternative investments such as real estate, private equity, private credit, natural resources, private placement offerings, entertainment and media.
Some of the investment offerings will be co-managed with outside teams that Circle Squared has vetted and believes to be “best of breed” investment teams, while others will be managed by the Circle Squared portfolio team.
In an effort to capitalise on the true potential of alternative investments, Circle Squared intends to bridge the gap between alternative market strategies and the various players in the investment community: investment product managers, independent RIAs, and family offices serving the accredited investing population.
Circle Squared will be making a series of announcements over the coming months, including information on new alternative investment offerings, the launch of an online RIA advisor community and other strategic partnerships.

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