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Lyxor launches a pure merger arbitrage fund on its alternative UCITS platform

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Lyxor Asset Management has launched the Lyxor/Tiedemann Arbitrage Strategy Fund, a new UCITS-compliant vehicle designed to give access to a pure merger arbitrage strategy in partnership with the hedge fund firm TIG Advisors.

The fund will benefit from TIG’s merger arbitrage expertise supported by large deal experience, strong focus on research and high market convictions.
The fund’s investment strategy is to play arbitrage deals from both a long and a short perspective by investing in securities that are subject to special events in North America, Europe, Australia, South America and Asia. The investment team focuses on 0-30 day events within the merger arbitrage process and looks for wide spreads and complex deal opportunities relying on TIG’s deep research capabilities.
The current macro economic and financial landscape provides a robust environment for global merger arbitrage with:
• Cash reserves in corporate balance sheets at an extremely high level
• Interest rates at historic lows
• Global banking stabilization
• Complex deals providing significantly better spread opportunities
Drew Figdor, portfolio manager for the strategy at TIG since 1993, says: “We look for complex mergers where our research can add value and are anticipating an uptick in mega-cap deals driven by the increased availability of funding, both for strategic buyers and private equity.“
The fund, now passported in six countries, is available on Lyxor’s Alternative UCITS Platform in EUR, USD, JPY, CHF, GBP, SEK and NOK. Investors in the fund will also benefit from the weekly liquidity and independent risk management provided by Lyxor.  

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