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Mackenzie Investments offers three new alternative funds

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Mackenzie Investments has launched three new liquid alternative funds designed to manage the negative impact of market volatility and improve portfolio stability.  

The funds join the Mackenzie Multi-Strategy Absolute Return Fund to form a suite of alternative solutions that can be used to help clients solve investment challenges by amplifying returns, mitigating volatility and managing inflation risk over the long term.
“We can now take a modern approach to portfolio construction that will create opportunities for stronger, better-diversified portfolios and outcomes for our investors,” says Michael Schnitman, Senior Vice-President, Product at Mackenzie Investments. “By using liquid alternatives’ winning combination of more diversification and lower correlation to the markets, we can help provide investors with improved portfolio stability with less reliance on market direction.”
The new, global-focused additions to Mackenzie’s alternative mutual fund suite include: the Mackenzie Credit Absolute Return Fund, which seeks to deliver a positive total return over a rolling 5-year period by investing in fixed income securities; the Mackenzie Global Macro Fund, which seeks strong and diversified returns by taking long and short positions in equity securities, fixed-income securities, commodities and/or currencies; and the Mackenzie Global Long/Short Equity Alpha Fund, which takes long and short positions in equity securities of companies anywhere in the world.
“With Mackenzie’s new alternative mutual funds, advisors have more options to enhance an investor’s portfolio to perform in today’s volatile markets and any market scenario of tomorrow,” says Barry McInerney, President & CEO, Mackenzie Investments. “Our alternative solutions open up new options for investors, so that they can be better positioned to reach their long-term financial goals.”

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