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Mount Lucas launches MLM Symmetry

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Mount Lucas Management has launched MLM Symmetry, a globally diversified and quantitatively driven macro strategy.

The fund officially launched on 1 September 2014 with over USD50 million in assets, comprised of seed capital from firm partners and a large US family office.
Mount Lucas is currently speaking with investors about Founder’s Share opportunities, which are being offered with limited capacity.
Mount Lucas oversees three investment strategies that employ proprietary analytics and quantitative models firmly grounded in academic research and the firm’s investment experience. MLM Symmetry continues this tradition, using a risk-based methodology that reconsiders the nature of asset classes and categorises each by the drivers of their economic return. Risk is allocated in equal proportions to each of these uncorrelated components, creating a portfolio with a superior risk-adjusted return.
Some of MLM Symmetry’s other features include:
                •             Global diversification across asset classes and investment styles
                •             A highly liquid portfolio that consists primarily of exchange-traded instruments
                •             Low execution costs
                •             Complete daily mark to market
                •             A transparent risk management system
                •             Moderate leverage to achieve desired exposure
“The development of risk parity, smart beta, and risk premia strategies has advanced thinking about total portfolio construction,” says Tim Rudderow, chief executive and chief investment officer of Mount Lucas. “We believe MLM Symmetry is an important evolutionary step in that process.”

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