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Multi-strats make gains in October

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Many of the global hedge fund industry’s large multi-strategy firms rose to the trading challenges presented by a difficult October and ended the month in positive performance territory, according to a report by Reuters.

Multi-strategy hedge funds have an advantage in difficult times for markets, because they trade many different assets from equities to currencies and credit and in multiple different strategies.

The report cites unnamed sources as revealing that Point72 led the way with a 1.2% gain form the month, while Citadel’s flagship hedge fund Wellington ended October up 1%, Millennium rose 0.6%, Schonfeld Fundamental Equity gained 1.15%, and ExodusPoint advanced 0.69%.

The funds’ YTD performance figures though are more mixed, though still positive. Citadel’s flagship is up 13.7% for the first 10 months of the year, while Millennium and Point72 have each gained 8.3% each. ExodusPoint and Schonfeld are up 5.39% and 2.1%, respectively.

Multi-strategy funds tend to have an advantage over the single-strategy peers in difficult market conditions as they trade across various asset classes including equities, binds and credit via different strategies.

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