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Nedelma Inc – Best Fund Accounting and Reporting Services Firm

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Nedelma Inc is a software product solutions company. Its flagship product, The Portfolio Amalfi platform, offers multi-asset, multi-language, multi-currency dynamic reporting and data visualisation, as well as analytical capabilities to the asset management industry. Users can analyse and view data from multiple perspectives using a combination of attributes, formulas and values, with extensive options for dynamic customisation. 

"Our management team has held senior positions at Goldman Sachs, UBS, GE Capital, Mitsubishi UFJ, Deutsche Bank and we apply our extensive expertise and firsthand knowledge to develop and enhance Nedelma's products," says Nedelma CEO, Michael Medvinsky. 

"We saw a recurring set of needs not being met by the industry so we developed a unique, client-focused set of solutions that empower users to meet those needs. We also recognised the need for native solutions, which we also offer. Our native solutions work across different environments and devices: desktop, web, iPad." 

Portfolio Amalfi seamlessly aggregates P&L, risk, exposures, third party and in-house data making it available across these different environments. Anyone using the software, whether it's the CFO, CIO, portfolio manager, or operations team, can work remotely without having to rely on others to complete important tasks. 

To that end, Portfolio Amalfi is designed to benefit a wide spectrum of users:

  • Senior managers (CEO, COO, etc), offering them a CEO dashboard that provides holistic views across their firms, anytime and anywhere;
  • Portfolio managers, operations personnel, senior managers, research and risk analysts, enabling them to make decisions more effectively and efficiently;
  • Sales and marketing representatives during the fundraising process, especially when travelling;
  • Investors, providing them with more transparency;
  • IT departments, helping technology people address business ad-hoc requests much faster.

Nedelma enjoyed multiple milestones and made various enhancements to the platform last year. Those milestones, says Medvinsky, related to Nedelma's responses to user articulated needs. 

"We implemented functionality that enhances a user's ability to monitor regulatory and compliance issues, to mitigate reputational risk and improve the web and mobile experience for investors. Our automated processes also substantially reduce manual errors by delivering a consistent framework and set of repeatable results, which help to lessen reputational risks."

In light of increased regulation, the reporting needs of fund managers have changed considerably. Managers are increasingly expected to deliver a broader, deeper, more transparent set of reporting responses to all stakeholders, especially regulators and investors.  

Asked how Nedelma has risen to this ever-changing challenge, Medvinsky articulates: "We continue to develop and add user-relevant features that address these increasing sets of reporting demands placed on managers. Furthermore, our enhancements to Amalfi help managers in their capital retention and capital raising efforts – we provide a real competitive advantage." Portfolio Amalfi enables end-users to share fund information with investors in their local language and empowers users to provide multi-currency results. Moreover, Portfolio Amalfi provides track records, the fund's performance over a user-defined period and other valuable investor-focused information and outputs.

Medvinsky attributes winning a third consecutive award to having a laser focus on user empowerment. "What makes us different is that we combine our attention to users with our delivery of a solution set that empowers users to see across their entire company."

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