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OYSTER funds registered in Sweden

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The Swiss banking group SYZ & CO is now turning to Scandinavia with the registration of 12 of its OYSTER funds in Sweden.

The Swedish client base is of particular interest since more than three quarters of Swedes invest in investment funds, making it an important European market.
Already registered in 10 European countries, OYSTER, the funds family of the SYZ & CO Group, is now marketing 12 of its funds in Sweden. These are OYSTER European Opportunities, OYSTER European Selection, OYSTER Japan Opportunities, OYSTER US Value, OYSTER US Selection, OYSTER Emerging Opportunities, OYSTER Global High Dividend, OYSTER Market Neutral, OYSTER Credit Opportunities, OYSTER Global High Yield, OYSTER Global Convertibles and OYSTER European Corporate Bonds.
With EUR270bn invested, Sweden is an important investment fund market with 76 per cent of Swedes saving through funds. Sweden has an especially strong stock market culture, with equity funds accounting for 55 per cent of total investments outstanding in the country, in contrast to only 36 per cent on average in Europe.
As in other countries in which its funds are registered, OYSTER will market its funds to a clientele of institutional investors, such as pension funds or life insurance companies, and professional intermediaries, such as banks, asset management companies and distribution platforms and networks.
“The Swedish funds market is very sophisticated and keen on high-added-value products. Hence there is a real demand for products such as OYSTER funds, which stand out thanks to an active management style, asymmetric returns and a strong reputation,” says Xavier Guillon, CEO of the OYSTER Funds division.

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