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Re-imagining the investment process

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SS&C Eze: Best Front to Back Technology Firm – Joining SS&C Technologies in October 2018 has helped Eze Software get closer to its goal of bringing together different parts of the financial ecosystem in efficient and effective ways. Being part of a larger entity has helped Eze extend its knowledge of project management best practices and apply them to help customers tailor and optimise their operations. 

Eze Investment Suite and Eze Eclipse sit at the heart of the investment process. These platforms bring together an investment manager’s disparate systems into a single, streamlined workflow – across asset classes, strategies and departments. These all-in-one solutions enable SS&C Eze customers to automate critical, but repetitive operational tasks and focus on what they do best – generating alpha. 

Michael Hutner, Senior Vice President and General Manager of SS&C Eze, explains how for the last year Eze has been working on connecting with SS&C products and services, most notably SS&C Advent and SS&C GlobeOp. “Recently we streamlined the onboarding of clients using SS&C fund administration services and partnered with SS&C Advent to extend the event-driven intraday integrations employed by Eze OMS and Eze PMA to Geneva,” he notes.

Other recent developments at the firm include refining capabilities in response to the new demands of various pieces of regulation, including MiFID II, CAT and others. SS&C Eze also built streamlined rules-based workflows for Separately Managed Accounts and enhanced straight-through processing of integrated black- and gray-box workflows, including full allocation and pre-trade compliance checks.

Hutner says the firm has also been applying algorithmic wheel logic to single- and multi-leg orders. “Users can assign random allocation to brokers in the wheel according to pre-set weightings to avoid any possibility or appearance of gaming the system,” he adds. Recent months have also seen the launch of Eze Eclipse, Eze’s cloud-based, front-to-back turnkey solution, in EMEA and APAC.

SS&C Eze historically has developed its products and services by working closely with its investment management customers and their customers – the asset owners. Hutner says: “We have worked with thousands of firms and leveraged that collective expertise to give us insight into industry best practices. Our solutions are designed to maximise clients’ operational and investment alpha across the entire investment process – trading, compliance, modelling and analytics, commission management, and accounting. Our open architecture enables integration with other systems. 

“We have engaged in shared roadmap planning with SS&C’s other market-leading systems like Geneva without having to worry about competing objectives. This collaboration extends the “better together” platform philosophy beyond traditional Eze products into the SS&C ecosystem.”

Given the rise of passive strategies and continued pressure on fees, asset managers are being pushed differentiate their offerings, comments Hutner. Additionally, firms are facing broad-sweeping regulatory changes and more stringent due diligence requirements from investors. 

In view of this, he says: “We are focused on helping our clients achieve efficiency through automation and integration, meet their compliance and regulatory requirements, and, ultimately, achieve operational excellence.”

Hutner looks forward to an exciting year ahead: “Our vision is to re-imagine the investment process through technology – to build an open and fluid ecosystem with our clients and partners and connect industry participants. We are in the process of working with multiple divisions across SS&C to find better solutions for our customers.

“We will continue to be driven by our clients and their business needs with an ongoing focus on quality, performance, regulatory change and automation. We want users to focus less on keystrokes needed to get their job done and more on finding the next best investment idea.” 

Michael Hutner

General Manager, SS&C Eze

Michael Hutner is responsible for SS&C Eze’s award-winning investment management solution Eze Investment Suite and its next-generation platform Eze Eclipse. During his tenure, Hutner has held a number of leadership positions with the organisation, including business development, sales and marketing. Hutner has more than 20 years of expertise in technology solutions and operational efficiency in the investment management industry.

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