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Regulatory Risk: Confronting the new global hedge fund compliance challenges

Regulatory Risk: Confronting the new global hedge fund compliance challenges

July 2022 | Market authorities have kick-started a range of regulatory initiatives that were put on hold during the Covid-19. This Hedgeweek Insight Report examines how the gathering momentum of regulatory change – including the SEC’s private fund adviser proposals, the EU’s reviews of AIMFD and MiFID/R, and new ESG and crypto frameworks – will impact the global hedge fund industry, and how compliance teams can best tackle the coming regulatory onslaught.

The 'Regulatory Risk: Confronting the new global hedge fund compliance challenges' special report comprises zero separate articles listed below, these can be read individually or as a sequence.

A survey by Hedgeweek in June shows that 50% of larger hedge funds (>$1bn) are looking to expand their internal legal and compliance teams, with 44% of smaller hedge funds (<250m) planning to increase their outsourcing of compliance functions.
With private fund advisor rules firmly in the SEC’s compliance crosshairs, a majority of US managers say they are concerned about the regulator’s far-reaching proposals, which could bring significant operational and compliance burdens and substantially impact certain hedge fund strategies.
Regulatory change in Europe is gathering pace following the pandemic, and as ESMA’s plans for enhancing AIFMD and MiFID remain on managers’ radars, the post-Brexit FCA implementation of the new IFPR may bring added headaches.
As hedge funds’ compliance teams get to grips with a byzantine array of plans from market authorities on both sides of the Atlantic, wider economic and political developments are continuing to recalibrate the investment and regulatory environment.

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