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S3 Partners launches real-time short interest analytics on Bloomberg App portal

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S3 Partners has launched its Blacklight Apps Crowding Kit (Black App) on the Bloomberg APP Portal at. The Black App uses S3 Blacklight financing rate data, which is already available on the Bloomberg Professional service, to deliver real-time analytics on crowded trades. 

By connecting trading and financing market activities, the Black App provides Bloomberg Professional service subscribers with the ability to accurately identify short-selling events and a security’s borrow velocity relative to market float, real- time short interest, financing cost and supply capacity. The Black App also automates a traditionally labor-intensive process, streamlining the financing workflow of those borrowing or lending a stock, ETF or an index. 

“The Black App is a slick analytics tool to see how real-time short-selling activity impacts portfolios. It is a must have for all trading professionals,” says Dave “Tiger” Williams, Managing Partner of Williams Trading. 

The Black App delivers powerful, real-time analytics that enable market professionals to: see how short selling, short covering, long selling and short squeezes are affecting their portfolios; see real-time intelligence on short interest reporting that challenges biased market indicators; see and track crowded longs and shorts for specific corporate names, ETFs, sectors and indices; see how borrowing and lending activity can affect market price action and financing rate movements; and see utilisation, borrow velocity, and financing cost analytics. 

The Black App is supported by a robust pipeline of S3 Partners’ proprietary, independent and timely data for over 15,000 securities, sourced each day from trillions of dollars of asset inventory. The Blacklight APP draws on this unique source of data to generate analytics that complement the Bloomberg user's workflow. In addition, portfolios can be integrated and effortlessly uploaded to the Black App from multiple formats. 

“We value the opportunity to work with Bloomberg to deliver unique data and analytics that market participants can use to inform and support a wide-range of investment strategies and requirements,” says S3 Partners Founder Bob Sloan. ‘Black Apps’ market-leading analytics can help Bloomberg subscribers solve financing workflow issues, as well as analyse crowding activity in real-time—an essential factor for making both trade and investment decisions in today’s fast-moving market.” 

“S3 Partners saw the opportunity to offer more value to Bloomberg Professional subscribers by introducing analytics that complement its unique data set,” says Tony McManus, Global Head of Real-Time Content & Technology for Bloomberg Enterprise Solutions. “This is a prime example of the opportunity that exists for software and data providers that work with us to develop Apps for the App Portal.” 

The Bloomberg App Portal gives Bloomberg Professional service subscribers access to a diverse library of financial tools, provided by Bloomberg and software developers from around the world. Applications are reviewed and selected for the Bloomberg App Portal based on a variety of parameters, chief among them the ability for the application to add value to Bloomberg’s existing feature set and information resources. 

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