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Sciens MAP adds JE Moody Commodity Relative Value Program

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J E Moody’s Commodity Relative Value (CRV) Program has been added to Sciens’ managed account platform (MAP).

 J E Moody’s CRV Program is a highly diversified natural resource strategy investing in energies, metals, grains, meats, and soft commodities.  It employs a fundamental, relative value spread trading strategy for commodity futures. The strategy is non-directional and seeks pure alpha with minimal drawdowns and no commodity beta or correlations to other Commodity Managers, major asset classes such as stocks and bonds, or hedge funds. The new ‘cell’ is open to all current and new investors on Sciens’ MAP. 
Dr John Moody (pictured), Portfolio Manager, J E Moody, says: “Our launch on Sciens’ managed account platform brings investors greater choice and flexibility in how they invest in our CRV Program.  Our MAP investors will have access to comprehensive reporting and risk analysis provided by Sciens.” 
Dr Stavros Siokos, President, Sciens says: “We’re delighted to welcome J E Moody to the platform.  Throughout its six year track record, J E Moody has demonstrated excellent risk-adjusted returns that have minimal or negative correlations to traditional asset classes and hedge fund strategies. Furthermore, the manager has achieved this with minimal drawdowns, making it a very stable investment.

“We will continue to grow the platform and to offer investors increased opportunities to access alpha generating Hedge Fund managers with all the liquidity, transparency and control afforded by the Sciens managed account platform.”
Sciens offers a range of managed accounts that follow either a single strategy or a diversified mandate and is constantly sourcing new accounts to be added to the platform. Sciens offers access to strategies, regions and funds for which there is a substantial added value to investing through a managed account including: niche strategies, for which transparency is crucial; emerging markets, where local knowledge and safeguarding of assets are key; quantitative strategies, where experience and statistical knowledge are essential; and small to medium sized managers where additional operational risk management is essential.

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