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Technology Report 2023

Technology Report 2023

New, disruptive technologies are emerging and advancing every day, presenting opportunities for first movers in the hedge fund space and risks for those firms slow to act. This report highlights some of these key technology trends and solutions, from industry participants at the forefront of developments.

The 'Technology Report 2023' special report comprises zero separate articles listed below, these can be read individually or as a sequence.

In today’s demanding market conditions, having a competitive advantage as a hedge fund manager is vital. Competition for investments and investors is fierce, while differentiation within peer groups is subtle. Success is as much built on an accumulation of small improvements driven by analysis as it is on one or two larger changes.
By Kim Ljung Andersen, Head of Institutional Product Solutions, CMC Connect – It’s no secret that competition among hedge funds has become increasingly intense. The ramifications are manifold, but one outcome is clear – it has become harder for investment firms to find success by specialising in a single trading instrument or asset class.
With private debt well-positioned to navigate the difficult market headwinds, the potential to provide reliable income, high risk-adjusted returns, and access to a wider mix of institutional investors is attracting institutions – including hedge funds managers – to the asset class. 
While pod or platform based multi-strategy hedge funds are proving an irresistible draw for both investors and portfolio managers, their diverse investment strategies and complex portfolios create multiple challenges best served by advanced OEMS technology… 
The Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR) scramble may be behind us, but the need to improve and automate collateral management systems and processes remains critical…  

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