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Tokyo Fund Services in Focus 2022

Tokyo Fund Services in Focus 2022

Tokyo Fund Services in Focus 2022

This report outlines Tokyo’s proposition to both investors and operators looking to expand their business and holdings in Asia. It identifies the steps being made to grow Tokyo as a financial centre, and explores the significant opportunities available in Japan in terms of both raising capital and investing in local assets.

The 'Tokyo Fund Services in Focus 2022' special report comprises zero separate articles listed below, these can be read individually or as a sequence.

Japan is focusing on utilising its domestic wealth and maximising the investment potential of its ageing population. This translates into opportunities for investment managers looking to grow their footprint in the country and establish a strong Japanese client base.
On the ground presence Japan continues to offer attractive investment opportunities to global investors. The second largest developed economy provides a comforting rule-of-law backdrop, which should not be taken for granted at the global level.
The current environment is creating ripe opportunities for foreign managers seeking looking to raise capital in Japan as local investors and institutions look for fixed income substitutes to supplement returns. Having a local presence can help elevate their offer, however they have to be patient and persistent as business practice tends to move at a slower pace.

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