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Vantage Software increases pipeline visibility on reporting and analysis platform

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Vantage Software has launched the Visual Pipeline Dashboard on its Insight reporting and analysis tool.

The Vantage Insight reporting and analysis platform provides the alternative investment industry with a management dashboard and data warehouse tool. 

The Visual Pipeline aims to better support the development efforts of investor relations, deal and executive management teams. A single glance provides an understanding of deal and fundraising efforts, both how they are progressing over time as well as by characteristics such as industry, team member or region. 

"Vantage Insight provides private equity executives with the ability to better understand team focus and manage results," says David Sayles, director of corporate strategy and sales at Vantage Software. "This understanding comes through a unique tool that gathers data effortlessly, and allows you to see not only where your firm is today, but also how strategies and results have evolved over time, and when and how firm goals will be reached."

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