Digital Assets Report

Digital Assets: A New Dawn?


Will Wainewright – Head of Hedge Fund Research, Hedgeweek (Moderator)

Neil Chopra – Head of Banks & Asset Managers, Fireblocks

Adam Guren – Founder and CIO, Hunting Hill Global Capital

Peter Habermacher – CEO and Co-Founder, Aaro Capital

Anatoly Crachilov – Founder and CEO, Nickel Digital


Talking points:

  • Unpacking the key trends driving better sentiment as the crypto industry starts 2024 with the wind in its sails.
  • Which strategies are outperforming against the backdrop of the Bitcoin-led market rebound? What are the opportunities?
  • The SEC approved the first spot bitcoin ETFs. Is this a turning point? How does the regulatory outlook compare in Europe and other regions?
  • The operational priorities that should be top of mind for digital asset professionals at the start of 2024.


16 May, 2024 – 8:30 am


Man Group