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Hedge fund and Private Equity worlds collide over credit

This webinar explores the extent to which convergence between hedge and private equity is happening and reveal how managers are thinking about their own diversification plans in the post-Covid marketplace.

The panel was moderated by Hedgeweek and featured both a leading credit hedge fund and a PE group, in addition to FIS Global, to dive into the details of this convergence story.

The webinar covered a range of talking points including:

  • How distressed credit, structured credit and private debt asset classes are appealing to both hedge funds and PE groups, as they search for yield
  • Insights into how managers are currently thinking about diversification opportunities
  • What are the operational risks involved when extending one’s asset class coverage?
  • Could we see collaboration or joint ventures, between hedge and PE groups, to build distressed credit and CLO platforms, over the next few years?


Michael Fastert // Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal Officer, Tiedemann Investment Group
Raj Dave // CIO/PM, Torgos Credit Opportunities
Robert Burke // CEO & CIO, Par-Four
Paul Livanos // Managing Director, Sales, North America // Virtus from FIS
James Williams // Editor in Chief, Hedgeweek

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27 June, 2024 – 8:00 am


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