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HW Webinar

Hedge Fund Global Outlook 2023


George Bonne, Executive Director, MSCI

Savvas Savouri, Partner and Chief Economist, Toscafund Asset Management

Russel Matthews, BlueBay Senior Portfolio Manager, RBC BlueBay Asset Management

Brooks Ritchley, Co-CEO and Portfolio Manager, K2 Advisors

Tony Griffiths, Head of Content, Hedgeweek


Talking Points:

  • Macro outlook – a preview of the key macroeconomic forces at work in 2023
  • Investor outlook – insights into the latest allocator sentiment and intentions
  • Performance outlook – the hedge fund strategies best-placed for strong returns
  • Risk management – the impact these trends will have on risk profiles and factors


16 May, 2024 – 8:30 am


Man Group