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Mitigating IT risk in alternative investment funds: Threats and trends in 2020

Cybersecurity attacks are becoming increasingly advanced — how should PE firms prepare? As we move into 2020, investors will need to focus on understanding cyber threats and trends as well as the wider implications to IT risk, both within PE firms and their underlying portfolio companies. In this webinar, James Williams, Managing Editor of Private Equity Wire and Hedgeweek, and George Ralph, Managing Director, RFA, considered some key trends that might emerge in 2020 and the options available to GPs for containing and managing technology risk.

The webinar is split into two sections: threat assessment and technology evolution.

Discussion points include:

  • What are the red flags when evaluating portfolio companies, in terms of cyber risk?
  • 2020 outlook on the latest cyber threats and attack vectors
  • Using the public cloud use to maintain a secure cyber posture
  • Cloud trends and the use of multi-cloud solutions in 2020
  • The continued adoption of AI within the PE space and how it can apply to data analysis, data management and data security

George Ralph | Managing Director, RFA
John Eggleston | Partner and CTO, Pantheon
Vishal Shah | CTO, East Lodge Capital

James Williams, Managing Editor, Private Equity Wire

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05 October, 2023 – 8:00 am

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