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Commerzbank Securities launches new certificate

Commerzbank Securities (ComSec) has launched its new Unlimited Turbo Bull Certificate on the Stuttgart stock exchange.

This certificate is the newest addition to the Comas Alternative Investment Strategies (AIS) range of products, all of which, said ComSec, are designed to provide investors with consistent returns, uncorrelated to stock and bond markets, with very low volatility.

The Comas Unlimited Turbo Certificate provides leveraged exposure to the performance of a Commerzbank Securities sponsored hedge fund index, known as the Comas 25 Absolute Return Euro Index. 

Different versions of the Certificate offer between three and four times exposure to this index.  The hedge fund component of the index is made up of hedge funds reflecting the Alternative Investment Strategies (AIS) team's Comas Absolute Return Strategy.

The Comas Absolute Return Strategy has achieved an 8.4 per cent return over the last 12 months. ComSec stated: "With extremely low volatility of 1.8 per cent annualised standard deviation and little or no correlation to equity and bond markets, the Certificate has generated significant interest".

Background Note: Commerzbank Securities is the investment banking division of Commerzbank AG, integrating debt, equities, interest rates and foreign exchange, with specific expertise in corporate risk and capital structuring.  As a division of one of Europe's leading financial institutions it has the backing of a €397.9bn balance sheet (31.3.2003) and is able to provide investment solutions for corporate, institutional, hedge fund and retail clients around the world.

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