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Lyxor adds IKOS Financial to Managed Accounts platform

IKOS Financial has been approved on the Lyxor Managed Accounts platform and
will start trading in March with a trading capital of USD 5 million.

Created in 1998, Société Générale subsidiary Lyxor Asset Management currently
manages nearly 40 billion USD of assets with more than 17 billion USD for its
alternative management business.

Lyxor has created an innovative platform of "Managed Accounts" which offers
investment in a large diversity of hedge funds by limiting the risks usually
encountered and giving access to strong liquidity.

The Lyxor platform makes the IKOS Financial program accessible to its wide
range of investors both institutional and private. Through the Lyxor platform,
IKOS Financial will be offered with greater flexibility on volatility levels, weekly
liquidity and full  transparency, together with an additional layer of services (risk
and valuation control, due diligence and analysis, investors relations, allocation
advisory) by Lyxor.

The IKOS Financial program is a systematic global macro strategy, aimed at
achieving annual excess returns of 10-15% on volatility of 10%.  The programme
trades at high speed and is entirely automated, using many sources of
information over multiple time scales. This enables the system to react
immediately to new and diverse market information and to trade continuously as
conditions change.

The program trades stock indices, bonds, interest rates and currencies using
both fundamental and technical information to forecast global capital flows.

Background Note: IKOS, established in 1992, was one of the first independent
hedge fund managers to be registered by the FSA in London. The company
employs 30 people, including a strong research team. IKOS continues to develop
its business on the belief that advanced mathematical models and enhanced
computer power are the keys to achieving consistent investment returns over


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