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AMG Capital Group, LLC was launched in Austin, Texas this week providing access to US commodity funds and domestic and offshore alternative vehicles.

George Y. Shinn, Founder and Managed Director of the new firm, which will act as a wholesaler to broker dealers, registered investment advisors, and financial planners, was formerly a managing principal of a CTA/CPO that places asset allocations with commodity trading advisors on behalf of individual investors and fund of funds.

Prior to that, Shinn was Director of Operations for International Trader's Research, a leading CTA database service provider in La Jolla, California.

Shinn said AMG will operate independently as a wholesaler, but will also seek to develop partnerships with alternative asset management firms to construct portfolios of alternative investment managers.

AMG plans to utilize proprietary research and in-depth knowledge of the industry to deliver access to the top risk-adjusted trading advisors around the world through its stable of investment funds.

Shinn said: "Alternative investments, including managed futures funds, are continuing to gain in interest and demand. We believe this is an opportunistic time to launch our firm's services. We are excited about the funds we represent, and are dedicated to providing quality alternative investment solutions to a growing network of broker dealers, investment advisors and financial planners who are seeking assistance in identifying money managers and investment products to help their clients diversify their portfolios."

Peter Church has joined Shinn at AMG as Managing Partner. Church is a marketing executive who operates his own marketing consulting firm, and brings more than 15 years experience to AMG in developing unique and successful marketing strategies in the futures, managed futures and hedge fund industries. Church was a former marketing director for Man Financial.

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