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Fortis Bank Global Clearing implements screen based trading hub

Fortis Bank Global Clearing offers its clients the possibility to trade via its Screen Based Trading HUB in the Netherlands.

The Screen Based Trading HUB enables Netherlands based clients to trade worldwide exchanges via a local high speed HUB located in Amsterdam and through multiple independent software vendors, benefiting from the memberships of Fortis Bank Global Clearing.

"The biggest advantage for our customers is the reduction of costs through the
utilisation of Fortis Bank Global Clearing's trading infrastructure", says Chris Lee, Global Head of Screen Based Trading. "Moreover, our clients benefit from the extensive global clearing network of Fortis, which offers memberships to multiple exchanges, covering all timezones. It offers a stable trading environment for our clients, across the globe".

He said: "Fortis Bank Global Clearing has signed a contract with AtosEuronext Market Solutions, who takes care of the connectivity. This means, that a client located in Holland only needs to establish a connection to the Fortis HUB supported by AtosEuronext Market Solutions in Amsterdam".

This HUB is connected to the Screen Based Trading network of Fortis Bank Global Clearing and consequently gives access to the entire Fortis Bank Global Clearings trading network.

Moreover, our clients are not limited to a single ISV, but can use a great variety of ISVs, if desired. Clients will pay for the distance between their premises and the HUB's location, meaning that connectivity costs are kept to a minimum", he adds.

A major selling point is that all Dutch based clients who are currently members of the Euronext Cash markets already have a direct connection in place to AtosEuronext. This makes connectivity very simple, very quick, and at a very low cost. In most cases existing Euronext members will be able to get the additional markets that Fortis offer without the need for any new connectivity between them and AtosEuronext

Fortis Bank Global Clearing is part of the Merchant Banking division of Fortis. It is one of the largest independent third party clearers in Europe, Asia/Pacific and the
US and offers clearing services for the derivatives, equities, bonds and commodities markets.

Fortis Bank Global Clearing has offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, San Francisco, Singapore, Summit and Sydney with more than 500 employees worldwide. It has General Clearing Memberships at more than 20 exchanges and access to other major exchanges through third party relationships.

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