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New report unveils trends and opportunities in Asia

A new report from reveals there are now 500 hedge fund managers based in Asia, out of around 750 Asian-focused hedge funds globally.

Asia has evolved very rapidly from a marginal backwater of the global hedge funds industry to a critical and rapidly growing source of new capacity and diversified opportunities.

Hedgeweek's Editor-in-Chief Sunil Gopalan said: 'We wanted to provide readers with a wide range of expert articles exploring trends in key subjects, from prime brokerage and algorithmic trading in Asia, to the rise of Japan and the merits of Hong Kong vs Singapore as locations for hedge fund managers, and much more. With the support of key advisors operating in the region, our editorial team has achieved this goal.'

Hedgeweek's 25-page Asian Hedge Funds 2006 special report provides readers with an in-depth look at the current trends and opportunities in Asia, with specialist contributions from the key service providers and advisors operating across the region. is the leading specialist online portal for the hedge funds market, servicing managers and institutional investors globally with its daily (Hedgewire) and weekly (Hedgeweek) newsletters and special reports.

To download a pdf copy of the 25-page Asian Hedge Funds 2006 report, please click here

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