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Cambridge Associates, a provider of independent investment advice and research to institutional investors and private clients, has taken steps to increase its clients’ resources for assessing risk profiles of hedge fund portfolios.

Consultants at Cambridge Associates now have access to customised reports that provide a new level of information about underlying holdings of selected hedge funds.

The information includes the funds' exposure to industry sectors and geographic areas and the percentage of long and short positions.

The reports are the result of a Cambridge Associates collaboration with Measurisk, an affiliate of J.P. Morgan Worldwide Securities Services that serves as an independent intermediary facilitating information flow between hedge funds and investors.

"We are working to promote increased transparency on behalf of our endowment, foundation, pension fund and family office clients so that we are able to monitor and manage portfolio risk more closely," says David Shukis, director of hedge fund consulting at Cambridge Associates. "A key step is helping them gain a better understanding of their hedge fund portfolios' underlying holdings."

Cambridge Associates has been working with Measurisk for over two years and has recently expanded the relationship to involve insight into more managers' underlying holdings and create additional transparency tools.

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