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Alternative asset management firm Armajaro Asset Management has launched a fourth commodity hedge fund: the Armajaro STS Commodities Fund.

The fund is a systematic, trend-following commodities fund which invests in liquid exchange-traded commodity derivatives including base metals, precious metals, energy and soft commodities.

The strategy has a long-term trading horizon, and aims to generate superior returns and control risk.

Trade signals originate from a proprietary systematic programme - the Armajaro STS Commodities programme - which has been developed by Will Griffin, the portfolio manager for the Armajaro STS Commodities Fund.

Since April 2007, the programme has been allocated five per cent of the assets of the Armajaro Commodities Fund. The Armajaro STS Commodities Fund has delivered an annualised gross return of approximately 25 per cent since inception.
Armajaro Asset Management now manages four commodity hedge funds and an emerging markets hedge fund with combined assets under management in excess of USD1.5bn.

Richard Gower (pictured), chief executive officer of Armajaro Asset Management, says: "We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of the Armajaro STS Commodities Fund which provides investors with an opportunity to gain pure systematic, diversified commodities exposure. The Armajaro STS Commodities programme has been running within the Armajaro Commodities Fund for over three years and has a strong, proven track record."

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