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Gerard Sanz, CEO, Rialto Capital

Rialto recruits Berta, plans second fund launch

Fri, 13/04/2012 - 13:42

Rialto Capital, a Zurich based Global Macro Hedge Fund founded by Gerard Sanz (ex Man Investments), has added Giacomo Berta to its team.

Since its debuting in Q3 2011, the firm has been providing investors with alpha absolute returns through its Rialto GlobalMacro Fund, showing very low correlation to the major asset classes. The Fund is currently +10% since inception, with -1.64% as worst month.

Rialto GlobalMacro currently invests in liquid Futures, with 50% of its assets in Equities and an equal amount between Bonds, Currencies and Commodities. Strategies involved are mainly focused on Relative Value Arbitrage with constant Risk Management/Hedging overlay.

The launch of Rialto Capital's second product, Rialto Systematic, is planned for Q3 2012. It will invest with a variety of quantitative strategies on Global Futures (Commodities, FX, FI, Stock Indices) and Global Equities, with a High to Med/Low frequency.

"We feel that the market dynamics lend themselves well to a global macro strategy and in particular to our tactical trimming of geopolitical and macro opportunities. We see a tremendous number of themes we can capitalise on, due to the fact that markets are a flow chart of global capital." says Gerard Sanz (pictured), CEO of Rialto Capital.

Sanz has 15+ years Banking and Hedge Funds experience, having spent more than 10 years at Man Investments prior to starting Rialto Capital in 2011.

Giacomo Berta, ex Standard Chartered Commodities Trader, joins the company as Portfolio Manager and Head of Quantitative Research, bringing his 10+ years quantitative/systematic trading experience to the team.

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