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Euronext third party revenue up 5.2 per cent in Q2

Euronext saw third party quarterly revenue increase by 5.2 per cent on an adjusted basis in Q2 2014 to EUR116.3 million, or 16.9 per cent on a reported basis.

Quarterly operational expenses excluding depreciation and amortisation were kept under tight control, decreasing by 8.5 per cent compared to Q2 2013 adjusted (increase by 0.4 per cent compared to Q2 2013 reported).
“Euronext has achieved significant milestones in the first six months of the year,” says Dominique Cerutti, CEO and chairman of the managing board of Euronext NV. “In this tight timeframe, the team successfully separated our company from ICE and completed its IPO through crisp execution.
“Our focus now is to reposition Euronext as a leading capital raising centre, leveraging on our strong but underexploited franchises, our capacity to innovate and the favourable sector dynamics to expand and remix our businesses. Euronext’s strengthened management team is fully committed to executing our strategic plan and thus generating the value we committed to our shareholders. We have confidence that we will reach our EUR60 million of efficiencies and we are working on an aggressive plan to accelerate timing.”

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