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ConceptONE LLC specialises in regulatory and risk reporting, an area of expertise that is fast gaining prominence as alternative fund managers begin to comprehend the enormity of regulatory compliance.

ConceptONE’s Risk and Regulatory Reporting Services provide comprehensive support to managers who need deep analytics either on individual portfolios or at the enterprise level. The reports cover all aspects of risk and regulatory reporting, from market risk, credit risk, counterparty risk through to operational risk. ConceptONE’s real-time portfolio and risk management system, enables managers to monitor parameters such as real-time P&L, liquidity exposures, limit monitoring, in addition to supporting stress testing and options analytics by integrating data from multiple sources. 

Reflecting on 2014, Mike Rosen (pictured), CEO of ConceptONE confirms that it was a good year: “We added a meaningful number of new customers and significantly expanded our product portfolio which bodes well for growth in future years.” 

There have been myriad regulatory developments in recent years, making life demonstrably harder for managers who not only have to handle and share significantly greater volumes of data, but have to do so in a way that complies with various regulations. Managers must now register with the CFTC, they must register with FATCA, face potential cybersecurity examinations by the SEC, not to mention filing Form PF in the US in addition to Annex IV and EMIR in Europe. 

ConceptONE has responded to this complex challenge accordingly, with Rosen stating that the firm prides itself on being at the cutting edge of these regulatory developments. 

“Our Regulatory Enterprise Risk Management (RegERM™) platform incorporates multi-disciplines of expertise required to comply with the ever-growing challenges faced by managers. 

“Among other in-house experts, ConceptONE has an ex-SEC Enforcement Attorney and AIFM CCO as well as a number of professionals with deep experience in the AIFM industry. Our staff regularly interacts with global regulators, lawyers, consultants and other industry participants to keep abreast of developments impacting our clients in order to better advise them,” explains Rosen.

Regulators and institutional investors are today demanding evidence of more robust infrastructures and proof of efficacy from hedge fund managers. Systems like RegERM™ give managers the enhanced regulatory oversight they need to operate efficiently and safely. Given that they have to provide third parties with so much more data than ever before, one of the main concerns of managers, says Rosen, is having to mandate a large investment in resources, including technology. 

“Our emphasis on RegERM™ sets ConceptONE apart. We aren’t just a software provider nor just a technology platform. We offer a holistic solution for the myriad of global regulatory challenges that AIFMs are faced with today,” says Rosen.

Last year, the firm rolled out an automated Annex IV reporting solution to further support the global activities of its client base, many of whom are subject to regulations in multiple jurisdictions. 

“Our deep experience as the leading platform for Form PF reporting facilitated our expansion into Annex IV and other regulatory regimes. We are proud to report that we successfully navigated our numerous clients through timely reporting in over 10 jurisdictions,” confirms Rosen. One of the firm’s strategic objectives for 2015 will be to continue its global expansion of services “while maintaining a regulatory-driven edge to client service”.

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