DMS Offshore Investment Services - Best Offshore Regulatory Advisory Firm

DMS Offshore Investment Services specialises in providing global fund governance with the firm best regarded for the provision of offshore independent directors in the Cayman Islands. The second core business line is its UCITS and AIFMD management company and platform based in Dublin and Luxembourg. The interest in the platform has accelerated this year to the point where the management company has secured more than 60 fund mandates with close to 40 launched. 

"In addition, we have over 100 risk clients to whom we are providing a range of risk and reporting services," comments CEO, Anne Storie (pictured). She continues: "We're listening to our clients and what the industry is facing in terms of regulation and we're trying to find the right solutions. We have a duty to do so being governance experts. We want to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients so that they can concentrate on managing their fund(s)."

With respect to AIFMD, having real substance on the ground is hugely beneficial to DMS hedge fund clients as the team have direct communication with over 19 European regulators to date, thereby allowing DMS to communicate with managers – especially non-EU managers – on the latest regulatory developments. As Storie points out: "They simply don't have the capacity to keep on top of everything themselves.

"This year, interest in our European solution suite continues to build momentum. Indeed, whether it is our AIFM platform, our UCITS platform, Annex IV reporting or guiding clients to register their offshore funds on a private placement basis – we've been busy across the board. It's a lot for hedge funds to absorb. Many are suffering from regulatory fatigue and our job is to help them as much as possible."

Three years ago, DMS Offshore Investment Services Europe hired Jason Poonoosamy to develop DMS's own proprietary risk system. This substantive approach to risk is a point of differentiation at DMS, having invested considerable time and money to ensure that its solutions are recognised as best in class. 

Beyond regulatory services DMS Bank & Trust have identified and fulfilled another industry need; client friendly and responsive banking services providing clients with cash management solutions, active fx, trading and custody solutions. 

In summary the DMS group is increasingly recognised as providing `all-encompassing services' thanks to the strength of its internal technology, and the breadth of its team, both in Cayman and in Europe.

"The banking services we are providing to hedge funds are also of tremendous interest to family offices and expanding further in to this group is one of our primary goals for the bank in 2016," says Storie. 

"The latest key growth area for us is the provision of bespoke solutions for the structured finance industry. We recently hired a new Global Head of Structured Finance, Murray McGregor. Murray has been in the industry for more than 20 years and we're excited to have him on board."

"All these services are underpinned by DMS's 15-year track record – our Directors have literally watched all of the regulation as it's evolved. This gives us a level of in-house governance expertise that we pass along to not only our clients, but the service providers we work alongside," says Storie. 

On winning the award for the third consecutive year, Storie comments: "We are immensely proud of our team. It's a testament to our client-focused approach. We are also grateful to Hedgeweek's readers for voting for us. They put a lot of trust in us when guiding them through regulatory and compliance matters."

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