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UK to end hedge fund short selling public disclosures

The UK government wants to see an end to the requirement that hedge funds must publicly disclose their large short positions in company stocks, as the practice encourages copycat trades and risks short squeezes, according to a report by Bloomberg.

AIMA says AIFMD agreement provides stability

The Alternative Investment Management Association and its private credit affiliate the Alternative Credit Council say the provisional political agreement reached on the EU’s Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) Review provides regulatory stability for alternative investment industry.

MFA proposes improvements for UK securitisation regulation to FCA

The Managed Funds Association has sent a letter to the UK Financial Conduct Authority proposing improvements to the UK regulatory framework for securitisations that it says would expand capital investment in the UK and optimise risk management on behalf of

Investors sue Antara over short-swing AMC profits

Two investors in AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc are suing hedge fund Antara Capital LP, which holds roughly 30% of the company’s controversial APE preferred units, for the return of alleged short-swing profits, according to a report by Bloomberg.

SEC charges hedge fund over short-selling violations

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged hedge fund Sabby Management LLC and its managing partner, Hal D Mintz, with fraud in connection with a “long running scheme involving misrepresentations and violations of rules for short selling and order making”.

FCA imposes cash movement restrictions on Odey AM

In an attempt to restore order after the removal of Odey Asset Management founder  Crispin Odey amid allegations of sexual abuse and harassment of 13 women, the Financial Conduct Authority has imposed restrictions on the movement of cash and assets


08 February, 2024 – 6:00 pm

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