Charles River Investment Management Solution integrates ChartIQ for trade decision support

The Charles River Investment Management Solution (Charles River IMS) now integrates with ChartIQ, enabling Charles River to provide institutional traders with visualisation tools that deliver greater insight into data affecting investment decisions. 

These capabilities help traders conduct pre-trade technical analysis, gauge in-trade market impact and better understand post-trade execution quality.

Charles River IMS combines an order management system (OMS) with multi-asset execution capabilities, creating a consolidated order and execution management system (OEMS). By integrating with solution providers like ChartIQ, the OEMS enables traders to work more productively at generating alpha, managing risk and helping inform their firm’s strategic investment decisions.

“ChartIQ’s extensive visualisation and integration capabilities work with Charles River IMS to offer institutional traders new analytics accessible directly from the OEMS,” says Spiros Giannaros, President, Charles River. “Leveraging ChartIQ’s innovative software framework further empowers our engineering teams with best-of-breed development tools. In turn, our clients gain new capabilities to better inform their trading and de-risking decisions across asset classes.”

ChartIQ is a leading provider of advanced charting tools that are data agnostic, customisable, and quickly integrated on any web, desktop, tablet, or mobile platform. The company offers the only professional grade HTML5 Charting Library solution available in the marketplace, allowing for traders to capture more market data. With visualisation tools that identify market-moving data pre, during, and post-trades, ChartIQ software helps investment professionals capitalise on market opportunities.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with Charles River. Together, we’ll be equipping the world’s largest asset managers and hedge funds with the most cutting-edge trading and execution analysis available,” says Dan Schleifer, CEO and co-founder of ChartIQ. “With the trend toward downsized trading desks, improving trader productivity is top of mind for asset managers. By embedding ChartIQ, Charles River can provide traders with new decision support applications that speed time-to-information for the securities and markets they trade in.”

Charles River IMS serves as the front and middle office component of State Street’s AlphaSM Platform, which provides global investment managers, hedge funds, asset owners and insurers with a complete front to back solution for risk management, portfolio construction, trading, compliance, post-trade and back office services.