EEX Group reports significant increases across majority of portfolio in February

EEX has reported significant increases across its markets in February with the power spot market up by 15 per cent to 53.7 TWh. This was largely driven by the solid performance on the Intraday market which grew by 44 per cent compared to 2019.

A rise in the European power derivatives markets was mainly due to the excellent performance in French (+50 per cent) and Spanish Futures (+21 per cent) as well as Hungary (+123 per cent) which continues to establish itself as a new liquidity hub in the CEE region. Furthermore, with 410 GWh traded in February, EEX achieved a new monthly record in GB Futures.

The natural gas spot segment meanwhile, reported a total monthly volume of 121.2 TWh with the TTF achieving its second best ever monthly volume with 56.2 TWh traded.

Volumes of 109.7 TWh were traded on the gas derivatives segment which increased by 78 per cent compared to February 2019. This was mainly driven by the performance of the CEGH and TTF hubs, which reported 8.3 TWh (+125 per cent y-o-y) and 91.4 TWh (+ 91 per cent y-o-y) respectively.

European Environmental products reported double-digit growth (+16 per cent), with 106 million tonnes of CO2 traded throughout the month.

The freight segment, meanwhile, continued into 2020 with another record breaking performance, registering a total of 49,839 lots throughout the month. This represents almost 10 times the volume of contracts registered in February 2019 (5,100 contracts).