AlphaSwap onboards first institutional clients

AlphaSwap, an investment technology platform which bundles its analyst community’s best equity investment ideas for institutional customers, has onboarded its first institutional clients and completed a USD1 million fundraising, including venture funding from the UK government’s Future Fund.

The company has reported rapid community growth with user numbers now surpassing 3,000, while its AlphaSwap Best Ideas model portfolio has outperformed the S&P 500 for the first nine months of 2020.

AlphaSwap says its first institutional customers who are using the investment ideas, unique portfolios and rich data generated by the platform to build, diversify and improve their own portfolios. 

“AlphaSwap’s community-driven platform delivers better ideas, unique portfolios and rich data to institutional investors,” says CEO Khing Oei. “AlphaSwap unlocks a new way to improve investment performance and extract alpha for institutional investors, while providing performance-based pay-outs to successful users. This creates the alignment of interests which has been long-lost in the asset management industry.

“There is real demand for AlphaSwap amidst seismic challenges to the structure and cost of the traditional asset management firm business model. Our user base is comprised of experienced traders and retired investment professionals, but also of young analysts from diverse backgrounds who are generating strong returns on their investment ideas as they look to become the PMs of tomorrow. What is also very exciting to see is that the percentage of female analysts on our platform is double the industry average. We believe AlphaSwap’s model is the future of asset management.”