Crypto hedge fund ARK36 delivers over 118 per cent ROI in Q4 2020

During the last quarter of 2020, Cyprus-regulated hedge fund ARK36 D delivered more than 118 per cent return on investment, focusing exclusively on the bitcoin and cryptocurrency asset markets. 

This was the fund’s first operating quarter since launch in October 2020. Additionally, ARK36 has seen a fourfold increase in investors in that period and has delivered more than 50 per cent returns since the start of the new year.
The fund’s Danish management, including Ulrik Lykke, Mikkel Mөrch, Jacob Skaaning, and Marck Bertelsen, believes that the potential of cryptocurrencies as an asset class will continue to grow over time and is thereby mainly trading the long side of these assets. The fund aims at delivering risk-adjusted returns to clients by minimising the exposure to the risk in the markets as needed. ARK36’s proven investment strategy has allowed the company to secure a commitment from investors of over 12M EUR since its launch.
ARK36 holds a diversified portfolio, maintaining a basket of different crypto-assets they perceive will rise in value over time. The fund is actively managed and the portfolio managers make investment decisions according to the current market situation, adjusting short- to mid-term strategy on the basis of proprietary analytical frameworks. The funds are dynamically allocated into different kinds of crypto-assets to ensure the best potential yield while minimising the exposure to risk or violent market moves.
ARK36 focuses on professional investors, such as high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and other funds and operates with a minimum threshold for participation of EUR120.000. Investors approach ARK36 in order to benefit from the extensive knowledge and expertise the team holds about investing in crypto-assets. The cryptocurrency space is moving at a tremendous speed and it is virtually impossible to keep up with the pace of the market changes without the assistance of dedicated professionals such as ARK36.
To support the growth of the fund, the ARK36 team has now doubled in size to 10 full-time employees since launch and is recruiting for more staff. Specifically, ARK36 is expanding its IT team responsible for the fund’s custom-built solution that allows its investors to follow the investments in real-time. The fund is also scaling up on account management and administration/compliance operations in order to keep up with a growing demand.
Ulrik Lykke, Co-Founder at ARK36, says: “Last October’s launch of ARK36 was the culmination of years of planning, so it is gratifying to see the robust shape in which we now find ourselves. We’ve started the new year in spectacular fashion and are thrilled with excitement to see what the rest of the year has in store for us.”

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