Truss Edge makes risk management and reconciliation upgrades to fund management tech

Truss Edge, a technology and consulting business for hedge funds, ETFs and family offices, has added further enhancements to its technology services, including new charting, risk management and reconciliations features.

Truss Edge has implemented significant modernisation of its graphical presentation capabilities by replacing its original charting tools with new charting capabilities. These are designed to allow users to provide clearer views of complex and often significant amounts of data in a more digestible manner. 

The modern charting features have been initially applied to the Truss Edge reporting utility and have replaced the previous charting features. At the same time, the user management has been simplified and the colour palette enhanced to deliver the highest quality of presentation.  

“These new visualisations cover every aspect of the Truss Edge user experience including portfolio management, risk, operations, settlement, reconciliation and even accounting,” says Jay Duffy, CEO of Truss Edge. “We will continue to expand the use of data visualisation to further areas of the Truss Edge platform over the coming months.”

Risk analysis has also been upgraded with the simplification of the user interface allowing the user to choose to consume extensive historical pricing data from data services, so that support for activities dependent on data, such as Value At Risk (VaR) and stress testing are ready for use.
Reconciliations, another key component of the Truss Edge system, is also being enhanced with more flexibility on the precision for value matching, including where local currencies have different relative values.

“Our goal continues to be to identify any areas which can be further automated so that users have a truly exceptions-based platform,” says Duffy. “We provide automated tools to reconcile all of the core data in our system to the external parties’ records of that data.”

User notes have also been simplified as part of the release: these record where breaks are identified by the system. The reconciliation process is critical because reconciled data assures the portfolio management team that the data is accurate.

High quality reconciliation is being completely integrated into Truss Edge without the need to use external systems and the limitations and latency inherent in them.

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