TORA integrates BondCliQ’s US corporate bond consolidated quote and trade data

TORA, a provider of trading technology, has integrated its order & execution management system (OEMS) with BondCliQ’s US corporate bond consolidated quote and trade data. 

The integration will greatly improve the contextual pricing data available to TORA customers evaluating corporate bond trading opportunities via the TORA OEMS.
Traders using the TORA OEMS can now access real time, centralised corporate bond quote data sourced from the 50,000-plus quotes which BondCliQ receives on a daily basis from 40-plus dealers. This quote data, in combination with real time pricing data, allows traders to better analyse the market and evaluate the quality of counterparty liquidity provision. With BondCliQ’s data now seamlessly integrated into their workflow, TORA’s customers can now incorporate this additional market colour into their decision making process before sourcing trades instantly and efficiently within the TORA OEMS.
TORA’s OEMS provides fixed income traders with sophisticated tools to help streamline their operations and improve trade execution. The platform offers broad access to bond liquidity, and dedicated fixed income OEMS trading tools such as ‘comparable bond’ searches, axe and inventory analysis tools, historical analysis of trade execution and rules to create auto-routing based on bespoke information.
Ovidiu Campean, Global Head of Product at TORA, says: “We are excited to integrate the BondCliQ data into our market leading OEMS. The new data will provide our clients with enhanced bond market transparency and ultimately greater visibility to make more informed decisions and improve the overall execution process”.
Chris White, BondCliQ’s CEO, says: “We are delighted to have BondCliQ’s data available within the TORA OEMS, making this valuable market information now available on a global scale”.
TORA’s OEMS offers the most comprehensive front-to-back end trading solution for hedge funds and asset managers. The functionality is fully auditable, MIFID II compliant and automatically details in depth order records, price information and creates best execution reports. TORA’s multi asset platform also delivers advanced pre trade and post trade TCA to improve execution quality and ensure best execution.
Built as one of the industry’s first cloud-based integrated Order and Execution Management systems over 13 years ago, TORA’s OEMS offers a wealth of functionality covering execution, allocations, risk control, real time positions-keeping and P&L monitoring. TORA OEMS is a single trading system covering global markets in equities, bonds, futures, options and FX.